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Tire FAQs For Drivers Near Tampa, FL

Q: What Is Tire Tread?

A: Tread is the part of the tire that touches the ground. It's typically fashioned with a set of grooves called a "tread pattern", which is designed to maximize traction on the road.

Tread helps improve handling, braking and can even increase maximum speed, which is why it's so important to inspect your tires. If tread wears down to an unsafe level, you should seek tire change service right away.

Q: How Do I Know When To Change My Tires Due To Wear?

A: Most tires have built-in tire tread wear indicators. If your tread wears down to a critical level, these indicators will become exposed, prompting you to schedule tire service.

There's another neat trick to test your tread. Take a penny, turn it upside down with the Abraham Lincoln side facing you, then insert it into the tread's grooves. If you can see the top of President Lincoln's head, then it's probably time to buy new tires.

Q: How Can I Prevent Wear On My Tires?

A: Well, you can't totally prevent wear, but you can reduce it drastically. Two great practices are to schedule routine tire rotations and alignments.

Rotations are most effective when you maintain a strict tire rotation pattern. There are various patterns to follow, but the main idea is to make sure your rear wheels move to the front (and vice versa), as well as side to side. If you drive a front-wheel drive vehicle, then your front tires may wear faster than your rear tires (vice versa, once again), however, routine tire rotations should prevent this.

Alignments can also reduce wear. When your alignment is off, your vehicle tends to pull in one direction or the other, creating added stress on your tires and wheels. Adjusting this will ensure your tires are aiming straight, eliminating unnecessary wear.

Q: What Other Tire Issues Should I Look For?

A: Wear isn't the only danger you have when it comes to tires. If you find a large bulge, or cracks in your tires, you should definitely schedule tire repair service. Also, check your tire pressure from time to time. If you detect a small leak, it could lead to accelerated wear, and if the pressure becomes too low, you could risk a blowout while you're driving.

Most of these issues can be avoided, though. Just beware of road hazards and poor driving conditions, and you'll keep flat tire service to a minimum.

Q: Where's The Best Place To Get Hyundai Tire Service?

A: Bringing your Hyundai to a certified Hyundai dealership is always the best option, because most cars benefit from select tires. Certified Hyundai tire centers have access to every tire size and tire brand to match every Hyundai Accent, Elantra or Santa Fe. Other repair shops may be able to order the correct tires, but wouldn't you rather have a swift experience? By putting the right tires on your vehicle, you're not only ensuring quality. You're also ensuring maximum performance every time you take the wheel.

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