Simplifying the Online Car-Buying Experience

Crown Fast Buy

How Does Buying a Car Online From Crown Hyundai Work?

Not only is buying a car from Crown Hyundai as easy as it sounds but doing it all from the comfort of your home saves a lot of time.

We designed the Crown Fast Buy online car buying as a convenient way to find the perfect vehicle from Crown Hyundai in St. Petersburg, FL. without being required to visit a dealership.

Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions below, as well as added insight into how Crown Fast Buy works.

What Steps Are Involved?

When you visit the Crown Hyundai website, you will find the Crown Fast Buy option at the top of the homepage. Once you click on that, you’re on your way to a unique buying experience.

You can choose to learn more about the online buying program or dive right into the viewing and selecting process. You will be able to select from our wide inventory of new Hyundai vehicles and other pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can either choose your new or pre-owned vehicle and proceed from there, or you can customize it to your liking in just a few extra steps—all online!

Once you have chosen the right vehicle for you, you have the option to schedule an at-home test drive. Our specialists will deliver the vehicle of your choice, freshly sanitized, for you to fully explore and, of course, drive. After your home test drive, if you’ve decided to purchase the vehicle, you can complete the purchase process online or choose another vehicle to try out. Then, the pricing process ensues and features the best possible finance plan or leasing option. To maintain complete transparency for online car buying, you will be sent a complete breakdown of all costs involved.

You will then complete a credit application and upload your driver’s license and insurance card. Just like with the traditional car-buying process, this step is our way of being able to offer you the best up-front deal. Following a final review you are happy with and sign off on, a Crown Delivery Specialist will bring the car directly to you with the keys and final paperwork. It really is just that easy.

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What If I Have Questions About a Vehicle’s Setup?

Chances are when choosing, customizing or enjoying your new Hyundai or another vehicle via online car buying with Crown Hyundai, you will have questions or need insight.

When deciding what’s right for you, a Product Specialist will join you online to answer any questions you may have, from vehicle specs to interest rates.If you prefer, you can also visit Crown Hyundai for an in-person test drive or to have any other questions answered.

If you opt to have your new Hyundai or other vehicle delivered to your home, the delivery specialist will show you first-hand how to set up and use all vehicle features, from Bluetooth wireless to driver-assist technology.

Check out these frequently asked questions below. Then, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Crown Hyundai sales team via phone or online!

How Does Online Car Buying Affect Trade-Ins?

If you have a car you would like to trade-in against the cost of a new or pre-owned vehicle, we will provide you with an instant cash offer. With online car buying, your trade-in value will be determined exactly as it would if you brought it into us.

To learn more about trade-in values, visit us online. There you can quickly get answers to your specific trade-in questions, all with no commitment or obligation.

Shop Confidently, Safely and Conveniently

With our no-pressure sales environment and transparent pricing, Crown Hyundai in St. Petersburg has long been the local dealer that’s provided peace of mind to car buyers.

So whether it’s in person or online, count on Crown Hyundai to get you behind the wheel of a premium vehicle quickly, conveniently, and safely.

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